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‘How to Start Your First Business’ tells the unique and inspirational story of Osman Gulum, who left his native Turkey with nothing, to start a new life as a successful businessman and entrepreneur in Warrington, England.

Osman’s journey was full of ups and downs, hence the original title of his book "Climbing Mountains".

His autobiography, now entitled ‘How to Start Your First Business’ has gone international and been translated into Turkish making him somewhat of a media celebrity back in his homeland.

The aim of his book is to share his experiences and inspire people to work hard on improving their lives. His story proves that it’s possible to start a business from nothing and become successful.

From humble beginnings to running the former Bella Roma Italian restaurant and a chain of fish and chip shops, his autobiography is inspirational for anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and make the most of new business opportunities.

After completing national service in Turkey, when he went AWOL following a beating by a senior officer after being unfairly picked on, Ozzy set out for the bright lights of the Turkish holiday industry, working his way up the ladder in a hotel from a general helper to head barman.

He then ventured into the business world by setting up his own bar, leading to a run in with the local mafia!

Now after setting up several Warrington based chip shops and the Bella Roma Italian Restaurant, he is always looking for his next mountain to climb.  This drive for success has even included making an invention and appearing on BBC TV's Dragons Den!

His story makes compelling reading for those who know him, and for those who don’t, it reveals how anyone with sheer guts and determination can follow their dreams and make a better life for themselves.

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